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news iconSunday 7th April, 2002

Just finished version 0.4b of Timed Shutdown. Here are the changes:

  • New "Countdown" trigger. Works very similar to the "Time" trigger only it saves you having to work out what time it will be in 90 minutes say. You can choose to enter the delay in seconds, minutes, hours or in the hh:mm:ss format (e.g.. 04 hours, 26 minutes and 37 seconds)
  • You are now only allowed to enter numbers into the Time settings boxes. This helps stop typo's when entering a time
  • Added the option to not only Shutdown but to also Restart or Log-Off
  • Option to use Final Countdown has been moved to the advanced section for safety reasons
  • You now have the choice to use Force or not. This was automatically used before and it's recommended that you keep it selected. For more information see the README file or the FAQ
  • The Final Countdown is now "Always on Top" which means it can't get hided behind other windows
  • Sorted out the Tap Stops and made it so you can easily jump between the triggers by using ALT + the underlined letter in the trigger name

The screenshots and FAQ have been updated accordingly.

news iconSunday 10th March, 2002

Timed Shutdown 0.3b is released:

  • Now works on Windows 2000 as well as 9x
  • New Trigger: Shutdown when your CPU usage goes below a certain % for a number of seconds
  • New Trigger: Shutdown when connection to the internet is lost
  • Tided up the countdown code
  • Made it so it's now easier to enter time (it automatically goes onto the next box)
  • Removed the need for "Shutdown.exe". You can now shutdown without a trigger by using the "-s" switch in the command line.

    e.g. "F:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\T_Shutdown.exe" -s

    This is used to stop people from just running "Shutdown.exe" to see what it does and losing any unsaved data. The count down window is also used now.
  • New installer