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news iconThursday 20th December, 2001

Bug fixing release of 10. Slide Show:

  • Bug fix, mouse pointer sometimes didn't re-appeared after a show

news iconSunday 7th October, 2001

Added version 0.3 of 10. Slide Show

Slide Show

  • You can now temporally remove a picture from the show by pressing Backspace
  • Now when creating a Slide Show from a folder you can include subfolders
  • The mouse cursor is now hidden when a slide show is running
  • A file filter (*.bmp;*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.gif) is now used when making a slide show from a folder
  • The Menu now stays after a show has ended
  • The settings used when slide showing from a folder are now kept
  • You can now Slide Show from the root directory of a drive without it crashing


  • You can now move images up and down the show list
  • When selecting an invalid drive it now doesn't crash
  • The file filter been updated to (*.bmp;*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.gif)
  • You can now load previously saved files and edit them
  • You can now multiple select images to add
  • The settings from the last session are now kept

news iconWednesday 26th September, 2001

New program 10. Slide Show added.