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Desktop Calendar 0.5 Walkthrough

annotated events settings

Tabs - Use these to get to the different areas of the settings window.

View Options - There are two options 'Events Overview' (which is the one we're looking at now) and 'General Statistics'. General Statistics tells you how many events there are in total, what type they are, which months they're in etc.

Events - All the events of the selected Event Type are listed here. If you double click on an event, the edit box will come up for that day. If you right click on one, then you'll be given the choice to Delete it, or again, bring up the edit window.

Event Type - Use this to choose which type of events you want to display in the events box.

No. of Days - This shows how many days to go to the selected event. If it has already happened, a negative number will be shown telling you how many days have passed since the event. If it's a reoccurring event, two numbers will be given e.g. "-22 / 343 days". The first tells you how long since the the event last happened, the second, how long till it will next happen again.

Sort List - You can sort the list by the following...

  • Ascending Date
  • Descending Date

Apply - This saves and applies any changes you have made but keeps the settings window open.

Cancel - This closes the settings window and any changes you have made will not be saved.

OK - This saves and applies the changes you've made and then closes the settings window.

annotated colour settings

Preview Panel - This shows how the colours you select will look on the calendar.

Scheme - This displays which colour scheme is currently selected. You can also use it change bewteen schemes.

Controls - You can use these to Create, Delete or Rename schemes.

Colour Picker Preview - This changes colour when you hover over the Colour Picker to show you clearly which colour will be selected.

Colour Picker - Left click on it to pick a colour. Make sure you select the name of the object you want to change first. (see Box Colours)

Cell Colours - Click on the name of the item you want to change the colour for. e.g.

  • Today Colour
  • Normal Day Colour
  • Text Colour
  • Numbering Colour
  • Past Days Colour

When you do it will become bold to show that it is selected. e.g. in the screen shot above 'Today Colour' is selected. Now you can select the colour using the Colour Picker.

Title Bar Colours - Here you have the option of using the 'System Colours' or 'Others'. If you select the System Colours, then the colours of the background \ text of the icons on your desktop are used on the Title Bar of the calendar. If you choose ' Others' then you can select them manually in the same way you set the Cell Colours. Finally, the inactive text colour is used when the calendar is not selected (doesn't have focus). This is good to know when using the hotkeys as they won't work unless the calendar is selected. If you don't like this option then you can always select the same colour for the Inactive text as for the foreground. This gives the illusion that it never changes.

NOTE: If you're using the 'Make Icon Backs Transparent' option on the Settings tab you may experience problems when also using the Use System Colours setting.