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Desktop Calendar 0.5 Walkthrough

annotated appearance settings

Title Bar Preview - This shows you what your date and time settings will look like.

Time - If you want to display the Time in the title bar then you can tick this box. You can select different formats to display the time in from the drop down list.

Date Format - Like the Time option you can also set the format you want the date displayed in. If none of the preset ones suit your needs then there's the option to 'Use System Format'.

Use Italics - Turn Italics on \ off throughout the whole program.

Use Suffix - Turn the use of the date suffix (e.g. st, nd, rd, th) on \ off throughout the whole program.

Show Extra Days - Tick this box to use the spare space on the calendar to display events from the previous and next months. Looking at the example below, not only can we see the events for the whole of June, but also the 31st of May and the 1st -> 11th of July. The extra days are numbered with a smaller font so you can tell them apart from the current month...

extra days example

3D Border - Un-select this option to remove the border around the day cells of the calendar.

Display Week Numbers - Tick this box to display week numbers down the side of the calendar.

Background - Display a picture (jpg, bmp or gif) on the background of the calendar.

System Tray - Display an icon the bottom right corner of your screen. This can be used to quickly enter events or change settings. Also if you select the 'Numbered' icon, it will display today's date.

annotated wallpaper settings

Enable Packs - You can use this option to enable or disable the use of Wallpaper Packs.

Selection Box - Here you can select which Wallpaper Pack to use from the ones installed on your system.

Preview Pack - When pressed, this will cycle through every picture in the selected pack and display it as your computers wallpaper. This should only take a minute or so and gives you an idea of what the pack is like.

Month Info - This is where the pack information for each month is displayed...

  • Box Style - This will either be Thin Box or Square Box
  • Position - Shows the where on the screen the calendar will be situated.
  • Display - How the wallpaper will be displayed that month e.g.. Center, Stretch or Tile.

Other Display Mode - When you don't what to use the display mode of the Wallpaper Pack you can override it here. Simply tick the box and selected your preferred mode from the list.

Wallpaper Preview - This shows what the wallpaper will look like on your desktop. You can view the different months using the Preview Slider (see below).

Preview Slider - Use this to preview the wallpapers for every month in the pack.